Where art thou Spring?

I keep waking up to fresh snow.

Like yesterday morning.  Another 2 inches.

I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to seeing some dirt.

And I can’t take down my christmas lights until the icicles go away.

Just like with decorating a house, I can only handle so much white before I need a pop of colour.

Like this.  Ahhhh…

Birthday flowers!

These are the only ones I know the name of.  Mini Daffs!

Anyone know what this is called?  I can’t wait to see it open!

These cuties are from Darryl.

My birthday was on Sunday so I had a girl’s night at Kelly O’Bryans and pigged out on pachos and mocktails.  Fun times!

It doesn’t feel like my 20’s are over so I’ll pretend I turned 28.

Now I need to go find some chocolate.


2 thoughts on “Where art thou Spring?”

  1. The flowers and their colours are so lovely! I am just starting to get tired of a lack of colour with all the white. By May on the farm, we are usually getting desperate for colours other than gray, dead straw and muddy brownish-black.
    The closed flower looks like a fancy tulip… that’s my guess. the top pic looks like purple crocus, a green 9maybe closed?)hyacinth and I believe the red flowers may be primroses, but I’m not certain about them. The flowers are all so lovely! What a wonderful Hubby to give you flowers!

  2. Bekah, that flower you were wondering about is a tulip. The first picture has red primula in the foreground, crocuses in the background and the buds are hyacinth. Lovely! I always like a touch of spring in the house.

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