Ok, she’s going to hate me for this one day but it’s so funny I had to share.

I don’t even know where we got two pull-up diapers but they’ve been in the diaper drawer for a long time.  Sadie got one out the other day and thought it would make a great hat.

It looks a bit like a turban from the front.

I made her take it off before we ate dinner cause I probably would have choked on my food from laughing so hard.

I wonder if she’ll let me make the slideshow for her wedding…


2 thoughts on “Diaperhead”

  1. Of course this HAS to go in the slideshow! LOL
    She is such a creative little girl….just like her mom!

  2. Oh, this is so cute!! Plotting for the wedding slide show already, eh? LOL! You are one DANGEROUS Mamma! 😉

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