Rag Rug

Cute rug huh?

It’s one of a kind.

I made it myself.

Out of sheets.

I won’t go into too much detail on how I did it, but I’ll leave you with a link to the tutorial I found.  It’s on the Vintage Chica’s blog.  It’s basically sheets cut into one long strip and crocheted in a spiral.  Super easy.  There isn’t even a pattern…you just add or subtract stitches as you need to.

I rescued one of the sheets from the landfill (before it got thrown in the dumpster) and the rest came from a local thrift store that sells sheets for $0.50 to $1.00 each (king size!).  It took about 5 sheets to get the rug about 4 feet in diameter.

This is the back showing some of the corners.  I didn’t cut the hem off this sheet before I cut it into strips, but I think I did with the rest of them.

I’d say it took about 10-12 hours to make, including cutting the sheets into strips and rolling them into balls, which took as much time as crocheting it!  But it went fast and it was so much fun I want to make rugs for every room now.  I just need more sheets in the right colours.

This rug is now in Saskatchewan decorating my niece’s bedroom floor.  I need some green, yellow, brown, red and white sheets for Sadie’s rug.  Patterns work really well too.  The purple and blue stripe in the photo above is from a striped sheet and I think it’s more interesting than a plain colour.

I think I’ll do a circular rug for Sadie’s room, but I might try a long, narrow rug with rounded ends in the kitchen.

And you can throw them in the wash too!


One thought on “Rag Rug”

  1. I saw all the gifts for the girls when I was out at the farm last. The rug you have pictured here is just great! The girls really enjoy it, too. The colours are perfect and it feels great. Nice!

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