Sadie’s Room, So Far

As you probably already know, we are in the process of cleaning up and organizing the other bedroom in the house for Sadie since we’re expecting another baby in about a month and we think she would sleep better in her own room (we’ll miss having her in ours though).

We had several small bookshelves in there full of books, so to clear out more space we (Darryl) built shelves high on the wall to hold them all.  We already had most of the supplies.  We’d been carting around the shelf brackets since we got married.  Good thing I didn’t get rid of them!  Hehe.

They hold all the books that were on the shelves.  We plan to paint them white one day.  We’ll see if that EVER happens!

These are the shelves these books used to be on.  A little corner unit.  I might repurpose one of them as a bedside table.  The front one there has cupboard doors on the bottom half, and I think if I cut the top shelf out and put a new piece of wood on top and paint the whole thing, it will fit perfectly beside her bed and will be just the right height.

I’m going to have to ask you to use your imagination for a while and picture this dresser with only a changing pad on it and maybe a basket for wipes and diapers.

The deer picture is probably going on the wall, the antlers are slated for our bedroom (I love antlers over the bed), the printer still needs a hidden home, as well as the other books/trays/games/etc.  That dresser is where we store all our movies, so we also have to find a new home for them.

Now keep imagining this dresser all cleaned off, but stick it here instead of this mess desk.

Doesn’t it look better?  I think so.

My plan for the computer is to find out how much we could get for selling it and use the money to buy an office program for the laptop, and maybe a backup hard drive, but I doubt I’ll have enough for both.  I only use this computer to make invoices in Excel.

The desk is going…as in, vacating the premises.  We don’t need it or have room for it.

Now for the closet.

You think this looks crowded, wait till you see the pile I pulled out of there!

Yeah, all that stuff.  Oh, and this pile.

As you can see, I have a major hoarding storage problem.

But in the process of decluttering, I emptied three baskets and the clear storage container under them, as well as a large cardboard box!

Yesterday I put the things back that are staying, though I’m not sure if they will all stay in this closet.  But there’s still room for more!

There’s room for my sewing machine, which is currently being used so it’s on the kitchen table, and there’s a bit more space on the bottom shelf at the far left, and more room on the top shelf too.  The vacuum has to stay.  I’m not sure what to do about the coats and shoes.  They will probably have to stay considering that my coat closet is slightly undersized.

See?  That’s all I get!  Mind you, there’s plenty of under-utilized space above the coats and there’s not much below either.  We’d have to build some more shelving in there, but it’s still not going to hold all our coats and boots and winter gear.  We live on a farm people!  We need more than one pair of boots!

I’m showing you this picture again so I can point out the white cord hanging in the middle of the closet.  That’s a curtain rod.  The teeny hooks that came with it aren’t big enough to hold the drapes I put up to cover the closet.  I was given two large off-white, tab-top drapes that are each big enough to cover a sliding door.  This opening is 8 feet wide, so the two drapes cover them nicely while still looking “drapey”, if you know what I mean.  I’ll show you when I get bigger hooks in.  I can’t wait to walk into that room and not see all that stuff!

Ideally, I’d get an armoire that would hold all my art and sewing supplies and I’d put it behind the door in our bedroom, freeing up half the space in this closet.

No wait…ideally, I’d get a bigger house that had an entire room for my art and sewing supplies!  But we’re just talking about how to make the space I have now work better.

Any ideas?  Free ones?  Anyone have an armoire they want to get rid of??

Where am I going to store the dresser-full of movies??  I’m planning to weed through them for the ones we really want to keep, so that should help a bit.  I’m not displaying them in the living room!  Eww!

I will keep you updated on the progress we make in this room.  We realized that since Sadie is still sleeping in her playpen and she can’t get out (yet), she can move in there anytime.  Today I asked her if she wanted to take a nap in “her” room, and she said “ya”, so I moved her playpen in there and she’s been sleeping peacefully for over two hours!  I’m praying she can make the transition easily.  So far so good.


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