Jewelry Storage

Before I show you the nasty mess that is Sadie’s future bedroom, I’m going to show you something a bit nicer.

My jewelry collection.

But not just the collection…the way I store it all so it’s easy to access and even looks nice.

I recognized the problem several years ago (like way back when I used power tools and built log furniture and refinished a canoe…long time!) when my necklaces were getting all tangled up and I rarely wore some of them because I just never saw them and forgot I had them.

My room was decorated fairly rustic and a jewelry stand made of sticks would fit right in.  So I made one.

It has six holes drilled in the sides for dowels, which are tapered a bit so they fit nice and tight.  I ended up glueing them in later because one of them kept coming loose.

There’s a short chunk of a thicker log for the base, also with a hole drilled in it for the vertical stick.  I screwed it in from the bottom.  I put a coat of stain over the whole thing so the dowels matched the rough wood better.  I like it.

I left it a bit long at the top so there was a place for extra bracelets.  Sometimes I wish there was more space at the top, but it works fine for 8 bracelets now.

There’s room for other bracelets on the lower arms too though.

It works great for me cause it holds all different lengths of necklaces and I can see them all at once.

If you need something like this, try a free-standing mug tree.  Like this.

Or like this if you like metal better.

I would try to find one that has arms that stick out straight though…if they’re tilted up, the necklaces may all slide to the back and get tangled up easier.

There’s no law that says a mug tree has to be used for mugs, or even in the kitchen for that matter.  Think outside the box.  You can probably find one at a thrift store for next to nothing and even give it a quick spray with some paint so it fits in with your decor.

Next is my earrings.  I had them laid out nicely in a jewelry box, but they still got tangled up somehow and of course, they didn’t all fit in one place so they were scattered between two or three boxes and I didn’t wear half of them cause they weren’t visible.

I had the idea of hanging them on a metal mesh of some kind, and when we moved here almost three years ago, there it was!  I don’t even know what it’s for but it works great for my earrings.

It’s like a shallow tray so it hangs away from the wall about two inches.  It even holds belt buckles!

Anything mesh-like with holes big enough for earrings could work.  Keep your eyes open.  You might already own it.  My sis uses a black mesh office tray for her earrings and a row of small metal hooks for necklaces.

I have a genius idea of using a magnetic strip for my studded earrings, but I haven’t tried it yet.  They all live in a wooden bowl that I think belonged to my grandpa or was made by my great grandpa or something.

It works for now.

I do still have some jewelry in actual jewelry boxes but it’s the stuff I rarely wear cause it’s really fancy or it belonged to my grandma.

I suppose I could also declutter my jewelry cause I definitely don’t wear some of them anymore, but they aren’t a priority since they don’t take up much space.  I’d just like more room for new stuff!


One thought on “Jewelry Storage”

  1. My friend Kelly who drove me to Kelowna has a similar type of necklace/jewellry holder. She actually got it at the Kelowna Market a few years ago! Good for you for making one of your own.

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