Closet Number One

I think everyone has a storage problem, but when you live in a mobile home with a toddler and have another one on the way, and then add a few art and sewing and scrapbooking supplies, and you love books, and you also garden and have a farm and have a lot of large pots and assorted useful antiques that will help us when we get a bigger farm…oh, and a large freezer and canning equipment and piles of egg cartons, it all adds up to chaos if it’s not organized in some fashion. (And that’s just the inside stuff!  Wait till Darryl cleans out the shed in the spring!!)

So lately I’ve been looking around and it feels like we have too much stuff.  Not in the main living area, just crammed into the two (yes, just two) closets mostly.

It’s been bugging me, but now that my belly is huge and I can’t do a lot of active work for more than a couple of hours at a time, I decided to organize!

Darryl emptied out the lower half of our little walk-in-closet the other day, and then built the bookshelves on the wall in Sadie’s (eventual) room so I could move a bookcase into our closet.  I used it for towels, which had multiplied and were taking up half the shelf space above the clothing racks.  I moved some towels to the other bathroom where there’s still room under the sink, and the ones we like the most got to stay.  They fit nicely on the bookshelf now.

Sorry I don’t have a before picture, but I definitely wasn’t about to show you anyway.  This is what it looks like now.

Two of the clear bins hold dress shoes I never wear (hmm…maybe I can get it down to one) and the other one holds camera equipment.  The blue bin at the back holds the dresses I never wear (I’m detecting a theme here…but I’m not getting rid of my wedding dress and the others may come in handy for fabric).  Maybe I could downsize to a smaller box that holds a couple dresses and a few pairs of shoes.  I know I could use the bigger box elsewhere.

Now the top rack looks like this.

I put our sheet sets together in pillowcases so they’re not falling all over the place.  Then there’s a quilt and some extra pillowcases and finally, a couple of extra pillows in cases so they don’t get dusty.  I’ve got extra baby blankets in the hanging shelf thingy under the pillows in the corner.  Not sure what to do with them cause I don’t need them all but a lot of them were handmade by family or they were made for me when I was little or I think they’re super cute and want to keep them.  Sigh.  I really don’t know what to do about those.

Yes, that is my section of clothes.  Pathetic.  Some of them are shirts I keep in case I can fit into them again, but I really should get rid of them too.

This is Darryl’s section.

It has more clothes than mine.  Just wanted to point that out.

The rack above Darryl’s clothes used to hold the sheets and blankets and pillows.  I’ve been trying to figure out what to put up there from the other closet now. My original plan was for some of my craft stuff to go there, but I know what to put there now that I’ve hauled half the stuff out of the other closet (pics to come).  I’m going to put the other three pillows and more blankets up there!  It should be just enough space.  Then all the bedding will be together and I won’t have to reach up there to get paper and sharp instruments down.

So this is what our closet looks like now.  Until I get up the energy to put the rest of the bedding up there.

Then I’ll show you the mess I made in the other room tearing apart the closet!


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