Belly Photos For The Family

Alright, since I had the camera out anyway to do my weekly photo assignment (see previous post), and I was actually thinking the other day that I needed some current pictures of my ginormous belly, I took some just for you!

Please excuse the dirty mirror.

I know…all out front.  Like I swallowed a basketball or a watermelon.  I’ve heard them all, trust me!

And don’t try telling me I’m having a boy either, cause I carried Sadie this way too.  I’m having a boy or a girl.  Period.

The worst part is showing up at church and having everyone think I’m next to have a baby, even though there’s two ahead of me (who’ve actually just had their babies in the last two weeks but didn’t look as pregnant as me) and I have 5 weeks to go still!  They all feel sorry for me.  There are bonuses to carrying a baby out front though.  Like not having to get up at night to pee!  And not being kicked in the ribs.  And not having back pain.  And being able to eat a full meal.  And being able to take a deep breath (when I’m not sitting anyway).  So don’t feel too sorry for me!  I can still wear my jeans too!  Ha!

Please excuse the messy hair and lack of makeup.  They get pushed to the bottom of the list as often as cleaning the mirrors.

In case you’re curious, I am planning for another home birth and I’ll try for a water birth again as well.  (Last time I got in the tub too early and it slowed down my contractions, but it sure felt nice!)  I’m also going to have this baby a bit late (though not 19 days like last time!) because my “official” due date is March 29, but my midwife is out of the country until April 1, and I don’t really want to have this baby on April 1 either, so anytime between the 2nd and the 7th would be perfect.

Don’t worry, there’s another midwife looking after me while mine is gone.

We might actually have names picked out as of last night, but I don’t think I’ll tell you…


4 thoughts on “Belly Photos For The Family”

  1. Can’t wait to hear what the names might be! I can’t even imagine what size you’ll be in 5 weeks! You may not have a choice when baby makes an appearance!
    love you lots,

  2. Getting close to the big day! You are certainly carrying that baby out front – glad to hear it’s more comfortable that way!
    I agree with your Mom – can’t imagine how big you will be by the time the big day arrives – after your midwife is back home, of course! You’ll have to take a photo like these right after you call your midwife! 😉
    You sure shine, Bekah! ~ Looking so good!
    I’m very curious about the names, too. Don’t suppose you’d tell the Grandparents, would you??

  3. wow… you look adorable! I don’t remember you being that out front with sadie! love your pics here on your website and looking forward to reconnecting when we return… one more week!

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