A Sinking Feeling

I bet you’d like to know why Darryl is under the sink.

It all started back in October, I think, when one of the plastic taps on the kitchen sink broke suddenly and we had to use vice grips to turn it on and off.  My parents and Darryl’s mom probably remember that with fondness.  Ha.

Well, we finally got a universal kit to replace the broken tap, but wouldn’t you know it, it doesn’t fit perfectly and now we have two taps that don’t stop turning.  So when one tap is on, you have to remember which way to turn it and stop turning when the water stops coming out.  It’s really fun when both taps are on and you try turning them off but the water is still running.  That only happened a couple times to each of us.

So then a friend from church was renovating her laundryroom and was giving away a whole kitchen faucet!  Yayy!  It even had the one lever instead of two taps! (we’d been looking at those when we first moved in here but they are all a little out of our price range for what we wanted to spend on a rental house)

Darryl finally had a chance to install it the other day.

That’s what he was doing under the sink.

This is the old tap with the handles that don’t stop turning.

This all happened to occur on a day when I didn’t get a lot of cleaning done, so there’s crayons from Sadie drawing and supper dishes still on the table, then Darryl brought in a bunch of tools, so the table is a MESS!

You can see one of Sadie’s drawings in this one.  She uses pens if they’re available.

And, as you can see, the kitchen is also a mess.

But a little pipe wrenching here…

And some colourful metaphors there…

We have a new tap!

Darryl had to drill a hole for the sprayer.

Once we had it all together (and when I say “we” I mean Darryl) I turned the water on again so he could check for leaks.  None at the tap but the sprayer leaked!

Until we could get a replacement washer we coiled the hose up and let it drain into the sink whenever the tap was on, which worked okay.  Luckily Darryl got that fixed shortly after with a whole new sprayer cause they don’t sell just the washer.  So now I have a tap that I can turn on and adjust the temperature with my wrist.  Me likey.

Me no likey this mess.

Just keeping it real.  Though it rarely looks this bad!  Wow.


3 thoughts on “A Sinking Feeling”

  1. Ah! A new post. Somehow, I am not getting the notices, although I have subscribed to this one twice now. I’ll try again!
    Yes, I remember the tap! LOL! It was easier to deal with than the one at Bryan and Cheri’s house. Broken kitchen taps seemed to run in the family for the last year. Odd.
    Nice to know you have it fixed better than ever!
    Sadie is drawing??

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