Belated Christmas Gifts

So now that we finally sent Christmas gifts to Darryl’s family out in Saskatchewan, I can show you what I made!

(Hey, we just got the parcel from them too!  We were originally going to visit so parcel sending was not required, but that didn’t work out so we finally got them sent last week.)

For the nieces, I made matching flannel pyjama pants.

In pink, of course.

I used a pattern for once but I added a couple inches to the legs cause they just seemed a bit short and it’s better to have them too long so they can grow into them, right?  Right.  I guessed at the waist measurements.  Hopefully they stay on.  They’re elastic.

Instead of wrapping them in the same paper I’ve been using since we got married (Costco…need I say more?), I made pink drawstring bags they can reuse for anything that will fit in them.

This fabric was really nasty to work with and frayed sooo easy, so I opened the seams and sewed them down each side as well.

Looks nicer that way anyway.

Then I had to think up a way to tell the bags apart, and ended up making fabric tags with their names on them.

Oh, and I used jersey material for the drawstrings.  Easiest thing ever!  I cut a long strip and pulled the ends apart, and they curled up perfectly!  No sewing!

The names are “embroidered” with yarn.  I had to sew a back on too so I did that with the machine, then stitched with yarn again.  I frayed the edges cause they would have frayed anyway.

The first bag I tried was from a tutorial online, but the nasty fabric made it really difficult to sew some of the seams and it frayed really bad inside, so I ended up doing another zig zag stitch hoping it would hold the bag together for a little while at least.  I didn’t want to make another one like it for the girls, so I gave it to Sadie and made the two matching ones way simpler.

Here’s the zig zag seam on the inside.

This bag has two drawstrings and Sadie likes to put her arm through them both and carry it like a purse.  She puts odd random toys in it.

Apparently, the pj pants fit well.  Yayy!



4 thoughts on “Belated Christmas Gifts”

    1. I’m glad they like them! My original idea was to cut out a snowman from the same fabric and attach it to the front of a white long-sleeved shirt to go with the bottoms but I ran out of time!

  1. The girls sure liked their pants and the bags – I heard all about it! Cheri and Bryan enjoyed their rug, too. Next time I am out at the farm, I’ll have to see them/ Nice of you guys to send them something. The Kuhn’s sure appreciated it!
    By the way, did the dress I gave Sadie for Christmas fit her? I sure hope so.

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