Week 5

Muse: to meditate or be absorbed in thought.

This week’s theme had me indecisive until this morning, when my sister texted me asking where my photo was (Sheesh).  I’ve had a few ideas float through my brain this week, but since it’s now friday and I haven’t picked up the camera yet (except to sweep under it), I figured I’d better decide on an idea and run with it.

There are willow trees with actual buds on them in the yard, and my garden is laying quietly under the snow, just waiting for spring, so I combined the two into one photo (I Luv Photoshop) to depict nature (my muse, incidentally) quietly awaiting, or meditating, as much as nature does, on sunshine and warm weather and growth, even on this cold, windy winter day.

(Okay, it’s not THAT cold at -3C including windchill, but it’s enough to enjoy staying inside and smelling chicken soup on the stove all day)

This photo will be uploaded to Flickr within a matter of minutes.

Now I can ask Hannah where her photo is, since hers wasn’t done either!  Unless she beat me to it.

The race is on!


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