Week 4

Week 4’s theme is “soothing repetition”.

Darryl gave me a great idea for it.  A shot of railroad tracks.  An old train would have been amazing, but there are none around here and I’m wasn’t about to wait around for one of the few trains that come through town.

We did go into town on monday with the purpose of taking a track shot, among other things.  It was sprinkling a little bit but not too bad. We went to a store first and it was starting to get dark when we left and raining harder.  Darn.  Darryl had to make a couple of stops, so I waited in the truck with Sadie and took some photos just for fun, and ended up using one of them for this week’s assignment instead of the track idea, because by the time we were headed past the spot that I was thinking, it was dark and raining pretty hard and we still had a couple of stops to make before we could go home and eat.

So here it is.

Hearing rain on the roof and watching it slide down the windows was very soothing.

Hannah did her assignment at my house yesterday.  She needed a baby belly.  You can check out her photo here.

You can see other photos from this assignment here.


One thought on “Week 4”

  1. Mmmmm….. I can identify with your idea of rain.
    Rain falling on a metal roof is so soothing. I do miss that sound…
    If I ever built a house for myself (by some miracle) I would pick a metal roof….

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