Bible Cover

For Christmas I decided to make something for Darryl since we were on a very limited budget (aren’t we all).  He lost his favourite bible and has been using another one and slowly highlighting things again, but the last bible had a nice faux-leather zippered cover and places to store pens and a handle on the outside.

So that’s what I made for him.

It was tough trying to find some piece of fabric from around the house that would work, but then I stumbled upon one of his old sweatshirts that is no longer wearable due to the fact that it is RAGGED.  Holes everywhere.  Stains.  Used to be grey, now brownish-grey.  It’s only redeeming quality was that Darryl had painted an abstract cross on the front many years ago when he used to paint buildings.


I found a written tutorial online and it made sense to me (except for the measurements…I changed them) and made a template for the front and back pieces so they would be the same size.  I added a handle on the outside and a pocket on the inside back cover.

And a zipper.  I’ve never done a zipper before but there’s a first time for everything.  I borrowed a zipper foot from a friend and followed the directions and ended up with a decent looking result.  Yay!  That part had me worried but once it was done, the rest seemed doable.

The back side.

I love this method of doing zippers.  You sew the two sides (right sides) together with enough of a seam allowance to sew the zipper (zipped up) to both sides from the back, then you rip out the stitches in the first seam.

Here it is installed in the finished product.

Not perfect by any means, but not too shabby for my first time either.

Here’s the front side with the painted cross.  You can see the handle on the spine.

The back.

Opened up.  I opted out of lining it cause that would have been way too annoying and the only thing that showed was the inside of the zipper.

But I did put a pocket inside the cover!

There’s two pieces of thin cardboard in each cover to stiffen it and help it hold it’s shape.  Sweatshirt fabric is not easy to work with cause it stretches all over the place.  Never again, if I can help it.  But even so, I’ve worked with harder fabrics before and this wasn’t completely terrible.

This cost me next to nothing to make.  I bought three spools of grey thread for $1 and didn’t even use all of one of them.  I found a package of long zippers at the thrift store for $2 and used one of at least ten that were in the bag.  Fabric was free.  Cardboard was recycled.  Time spent…maybe 4 hours.  Total cost: 40 cents.

He liked it: priceless.


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