Week 3

I got my homework done ahead of time!

This week the theme is ‘Shades of Grey’.  I was thinking of doing a picture of something that was mostly grey so I could leave it in colour, so I took some closeups of a stuffed elephant, but then on sunday we let the horses run in the pasture and I got a couple of decent shots.  I switched a few to black and white cause the colours were too distracting and I liked the contrast.

This is the one I chose.


I thought it was fitting because white horses are called ‘greys’ unless they’re albino.  Something to do with the fact that their skin is dark even though their hair is white.  Albinos have white (or pink) skin.

And the snow looks pretty deep hey?  That was after two days of hardcore melting!

You can see my photo on my Flickr page.


One thought on “Week 3”

  1. Nice one! Although Banner is hard to see. Hope this is working…. the letters are so faint I can barely see what I am typing.

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