Snowfall Warning

Our neighbour (on the same property) has been kindly plowing our driveway for the last two years, but this year, he can’t because his plow is old and doesn’t work well in heavy snow and it’s hard on the truck, so we’ve had a bit of snow building up on the driveway and getting crusty with large ruts in some areas.

Over Christmas we were hanging out with some friends who were visiting their parents, who we also know, on the next street over, taking turns on the quad and tobogganing down their bobsled course (not me).  Turns out they had a tractor for sale and Darryl wanted to buy  it, but of course, that isn’t happening right now.  So a couple of weeks later, Darryl called him up to see if he could borrow it, since by then the driveway was nigh impassable for anything smaller than a large 4×4 truck.

So he borrowed it and plowed the driveway.  Backwards.


Darryl still wants to buy it.  It has a rebuilt motor and a PTO.  Please send $1500.


So we got caught up on the snow, only to get a massive dump last night.


And all day today.


With more on the way tonight.


To give you a reference point, the window in the coop is 2 feet by 2 feet.


And that’s the garden fence.  The wire is 4 feet high along the front.


Here’s Sadie standing in the tire tracks.




And here’s a couple of shots for the grandparents.



PS. Darryl is out plowing the driveway with the neighbour’s tractor as I write this.  It’s already dark out.  He’s keeping the tractor overnight cause he’ll probably need it again tomorrow.

PSS. I should be making dinner but this is way more fun.


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