Cheap Fun

As some of you know, I have been blessed with many great deals for stuff on our local classified ad site.  I have rarely had to pay for anything.

This time I did though.  I needed a toboggan for Sadie to ride in while I did chores, cause the stroller does not do well in deep snow, she’s getting way too heavy to carry, and she takes about 86 baby steps to walk a foot when there’s snow on the ground.  That just doesn’t work for me since it takes 20 times longer to do my chores (that normally take 3 minutes) when she’s with me, and that doesn’t even include the bundling up before and un-bundling afterwards!

And in case you needed a better reason for me getting a toboggan, I also wanted one because I thought Sadie would like it.

I was right.


Here’s another picture of her in her new (used) $5 toboggan (beats $15 new!).


Darryl actually took these pictures because I was, shall we say, indisposed.


Okay, I was busy maintaining control over the half-wild, freaking-out, rabid, 1000 pound animal that my tiny, helpless daughter was attached to.

Okay, so he only weighs 850 pounds soaking wet.

Whatever.  My tiny, helpless daughter was still attached to him.


Luckily, that crazy animal is actually quite calm considering that every time he takes a step, a scary, blue, arab-eating plastic monster moves towards his butt, just waiting for the chance to leap on his back and take a chunk out of his neck.

And luckily, he’s small enough that I can easily yank his head around and make him stop within several yards if he so chooses to make a run for it.

And luckily, the rope tethering my tiny helpless daughter to the wild beast is only wrapped once around the horn and my hand is on the coil, so I can undo and drop the whole rope in 0.08 seconds.

Now that I’ve gotten my dad’s blood pressure up from reading this (did you see that I’m wearing a helmet, dad??), I’ll show you a few more pictures of us having fun with the horses in the snow.


That’s Nicole riding Sonny, who is pulling a stick behind him cause we don’t trust him with anything else yet.  He doesn’t care one whit about the stick.  He doesn’t like the part where he has to turn around and walk past the stick with the rope moving between them.  He’s getting better though.


Banner actually pulled us up and down the driveway one sunday afternoon two winters ago, back when he was an only child.  It was like -30 out and I was pregnant and my thighs and butt froze, but it was so much fun.  We even got the neighbour’s boy out and pulled him a couple of times.  He loved it!  We waited all last winter to try again but we never had enough snow.


After that first winter, I bought two very large jingle bells to put on the horse when we did this again, so they were sitting in my sewing box for over a year and I finally put them on the horses for this practise.  They jingle when the horses trot (but we haven’t graduated to trotting yet so they don’t jingle very much).

Having two horses doing this is definitely more challenging than just one because they feed off each other (ie. when one flinches, the other jumps out of his skin and starts bolting for the nearest open space) and they don’t like to be separated (though Sonny likes walking out in front as long as Banner’s still coming behind him).  That’s why we’ve been practising instead of just winging it like last time (which worked out fine).  They’ve had three practises so far and graduated from taking turns pulling a piece of firewood about 30 feet behind them to simultaneously pulling a large, scary stick and a blue toboggan packed with snow (and then Sadie) with bells on.  Sonny might be ready to pull the toboggan next time, but not with Sadie in it.

Eventually, they should each be able to pull one or two people on a sled up and down the driveway at a trot and make the turns without freaking out or getting the ropes tangled.

Hopefully they’ll be ready before I’m too big to get on!

(take a breath, dad)


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