Advent Calendar

A few years back I bought a Playmobil advent calendar.  It’s a stable scene, but not a nativity.  It has lots of different animals like geese and guinea pigs (?) and goats and there’s a little girl angel and a santa.  It came with a big ugly brown cardboard wall hanging covered with brown boxes with numbers on them.  So you have to set it all up and put the right objects in the right boxes and hang it on the wall.  Ugh.  I did it the first year but the boxes were really hard to get open without pulling them right off and getting them back on while it’s hanging was impossible.


So I had this little stash of old christmas fabrics that mom gave me.  I decided to make bags to put each piece into.  That way I could hang them on the tree or on some white branches or wherever, and they could have little tags with the date on them, and I could make some bags bigger to hold the bigger objects.

So that’s what I did.

It took me two years.

But look how cute they are!


I didn’t do a whole lot of decorating for Christmas this year, even though the house looks very festive, so I didn’t hang them on any white branches or even on the tree.  I hung them from a string across the window using clothespins.


I also didn’t put anything in them because I was too lazy to pull out boxes to find the playmobil, which is probably a good thing cause I came across it in the bottom of a large tote filled with board games.  I don’t think I would have found it earlier anyway.

One of the advantages of this calendar is that I can put anything I want in the bags.  Chocolate sounds like a good option.  But it’s kind of more for the kids (or will be), so I was thinking I could put a totally different nativity set in the bags, but my set (passed down from Darryl’s mom) doesn’t have enough pieces to fill them.  Ideally, I will collect the playmobil nativity set and use it as an advent calendar, filling in the spaces with other animals from the stable set (we’ll leave out the santa though).

This year though, since I didn’t have anything to put in it, I stuck a candy cane in the first bag, and moved it along to the next bag every day.  It works.  Not unlike some other advent calendars that move something along every day.  I know you’re laughing, but I bet you like the bags. 🙂

I even remember some of the fabrics from different things my mom made when I was little.  Some of them smell old and comforting…kinda like grandma’s house.


They were pretty simple to make.  Basically a rectangle folded in half (right sides together) and sewn together on the bottom and the side, making a little pillowcase.  I probably should have hemmed the open end first with a channel for the cord, but I guess that’s what happens when you work on only one part at a time over two years.  I did the hems after.  By hand.  But I did get nice finished edges at the openings for the cord.  I didn’t sew the side all the way up.  The satin cord pulled through pretty easy with a pin attached to one end.  I got the tags and number stickers and cording from Michaels.

So that’s pretty much it.  You have 11 months to make some.  Make sure you measure whatever you’re planning to put in the bags and allow for seams.

Let me know how they turn out!



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