Christmas Eve

If our plans for Christmas this year had materialized, I would at this very moment be recovering from a really long, two-day drive, and sitting in my sister-in-law’s house on the cold Saskatchewan prairies.  But instead, I’m sitting in my quiet (except for the fridge), cozy house watching Darryl install marker lights on the roof of his truck, and waiting for a not-feeling-so-great Sadie to wake up from her nap.  She had a bit of a fever last night and we think she might be working on some molars.  Even when she’s in pain, she’s mellow.  She didn’t even touch the gifts under the tree this morning (I just put them out).

But so far, despite some disappointment about our failed plans, we’ve had a few friends drop in, and we’re going to have Christmas dinner with some other friends (who bought one of our turkeys), so it’s been really nice to be able to spend time together with no schedules.

Last night we went driving to look at lights.  There’s only one house that goes all out on this side of the bridge, and we drop by every year to see it.  It’s pretty impressive.  Ferris wheels and fountains and carousels and reindeer…it’s overwhelming.  Then there’s the rest of this town that either puts up nothing or throws up a string or two and calls it done.  Pretty sad actually.  Then we come home to our house.


I think it’s nicer than most of the houses we saw, even though I put those lights up myself in an hour and didn’t even do everything I wanted to.  Some of the hooks broke off…that’s why some of the lights are crooked.

I did make some trees to go in the planters though.  From tomato cages.


The icicles drip onto them and the lights melt parts of the ice to make cool sculptures.




The only downside is, I’ll have to make them again every year because I need all my tomato cages for the garden.


Then you come inside and see our lovely tree that I cut down myself.  If you’re suddenly feeling sorry that you missed our tree hunt, you should be.  Hee hee.


The star on top is made of some kind of vines wrapped around a wire frame and used to be gold and sparkly, but I was wanting to go with more red and white this year and the gold kinda got lost up there, so I spray painted it white and put more sparkles on it.  A friend dropped by with the tree skirt that she bought for me last year and forgot about, and it works perfectly!  Sadie is the fourth generation to play with that cradle.  My dad’s grandpa made it for his daughter (my grandma).

So I’m sure you can see why I’m okay with our plans being derailed (for now).  It’s lovely here.  We should have a white christmas too even though it might rain.  We have more than enough snow.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,



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