One Turkey

We started with 10 turkey chicks.

We lost one in October cause (we think) it found a little hole in the wire and managed to fall out of the cage, and subsequently, was eaten by something.

We butchered 2 turkeys at the end of October when we did our chickens.

Then we had 7 turkeys left.

Now we have one.

It’s in the freezer.

We sold the rest.  Well, okay, they’re technically not all “sold” yet, but they’re on reserve for people.  And, okay, there’s one left that’s up for grabs, but I don’t think it’ll be around for long.

An amazing, non-squeamish friend came up to help us (Thank you Shirley!!) “process” them.  Darryl did all the chopping, scalding and plucking, while I did most of the gutting and packaging in the house where it was warm.  Shirley kept Sadie looking the other way while she was awake and made jokes about the turkeys to keep us sane while Sadie was sleeping.

We always rent a plucker from Buckerfield’s  (yes, they do that), and it’s no Featherman plucker, but it does the job.


This is our little set up for scalding and plucking the tougher feathers.


Sorry about that.  Once in a while everyone needs a reminder that real food doesn’t come from a grocery store.  It comes from a farm somewhere, and how those animals live on that farm makes a huge difference not only in taste, but in the health benefits to your body when you eat it.  Those big fat butterball’s you buy from the store…they don’t live good lives or eat normal (unmedicated) chicken food.

That is why we grow our own.  You are what you eat.

Don’t get me wrong…we’re a long way from eating the way we’d like to, but growing our own chicken and turkey is feasible for us right now, so we do.  Yes, it’s way easier to buy it.  And maybe when we have more room in our grocery budget, we will buy grass-fed chicken and turkey from someone else and save ourselves the work, but I doubt it.  It’s also way more satisfying having a freezer full of meat that we raised from chicks and protected from harm and butchered ourselves.

One day we’ll get a cow.

On another note, watch for upcoming posts by Darryl.  He is writing about a topic very close to his heart and sure to spark heated debate in any crowd this is brought up in.

And be sure to read the disclaimer.

Thank you.


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