Friends and Cameras

I had the opportunity to take some photos of some friends of ours.  I’m no expert but it sure is fun and they come out pretty decent too.  In my opinion anyway.

These girls were too cute!




This next one is my favourite shot of the oldest girl.



And I think this might be my favourite photo of little sister.  It’s a tough choice though.



See what I mean??



How do you choose just one??

It’s fun and challenging to take pictures of people.  I find landscapes and close-ups easier, but if I only took the easy photos, I’d miss out on the fun and the smiling faces and people liking the pictures I take of them.  Landscapes don’t give you any feedback.

When I bought my camera, I thought it would take a while before I’d be taking pictures that pushed it to it’s limit, but it hasn’t taken as long as I thought.  I’ve definitely used parts of it to it’s limit, though I don’t have a clue how to use some parts of it, so I know I have more to master before I can justify upgrading.  But now I know what to look for in my next camera.

I think I might stay with the Olympus though.  I love using it.  I’ve used Nikons and the odd Canon, and they’re both time-consuming and difficult to dig into the menus to find what you want to change.  I still can’t figure out how to adjust the flash intensity on the Nikon D90…maybe it doesn’t do that??  I did look in the manual but it didn’t help at all.  I can adjust the flash on my camera by pushing two buttons at the same time, then turning a wheel (or using the arrows).  That’s just one example.  Everything I want to do is right there on the screen or on the buttons.  I never go into the menu.

For my next camera (which is probably a few years down the road, unless I take a LOT more pictures for real money), I want a faster focus, and some way of focusing on a subject in low light conditions without flashing people ten times or using manual focus, which is impossible to do in the dark anyway.  I think it might be nice to have a higher ISO too, but then I have more noise issues to deal with.  I know there’s a Sony camera that will expose inside and outside properly in the same photo, which is purt near miraculous.  That would come in handy for real estate photos.

When I was buying my camera, the guy helping me (for like an hour) let me try a better model Olympus (the pro-grade E-3) that had such a fast focus it was amazing.  It would take photos as fast as I could push the shutter.  Mine’s not bad but it wasn’t like that one!  It didn’t have the live-view option like my cheap one did though.  Go figure.

Hope you enjoyed these photos.  Let me know if you want me to take some of your family. 🙂



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