Winter’s Here!

Yesterday, as Darryl was leaving for work and I was still half-asleep in bed, he told me it had snowed overnight and we had at least 6 inches.  I smiled and went back to sleep.

A little while later, Darryl came in with his coat on and told me there had been an accident on the bridge and traffic was backed up to Canadian Tire (for those of you who know the area I live in).  In other words, a LOOOONNGG way!  Like 10 kilometers.  He turned around and came home, and of course, needed me to help him move the (not-running-yet) car so the neighbour could plow our driveway.  Sadie was still sleeping, so I bundled up and went out.

This is what I saw.


That looks like about 6 inches.

But that was just the snow that had drifted onto the porch.

There was more like a foot.


The snow was blowing lightly in sideways and making the tops of the fence posts look more like candy canes.  I tried to get a better picture, but I was in my slippers and I wasn’t getting off the porch.

We “winterized” the greenhouse by putting corrugated plastic on the top flat section and leaned plywood against the sides to protect the plastic from the snow that’s going to pile up on both sides.  I should get out there and scrape the snow off the sloping parts of the roof before the plastic breaks.  Darryl also put leftover straw around the base to help insulate the ground a little bit.  I’m hoping that the ground inside will thaw quicker in the spring.


The chickens don’t spend much time outside these days.  The roosters see us moving around outside the window and crow in there instead of coming out.  Chickens.


See the little white post coming up from the ground in the middle of the shed?  That’s the cord we ran underground from the house.  We still have to set up the outdoor timer and get a light in the coop.

That car in the background…that’s the one I helped move.  It was parked in front of the shed.  Darryl had to pull it with his truck cause it wasn’t going anywhere with snow up to the bumpers.


It snowed all day.

It’s snowing again today but not much.  I got some outdoor lights put up.

But my nephew is here for me to watch for a bit, so I will be back later!

Hope you have lots of pretty snow where you are!


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