Winter’s Coming

We had a couple of inches of snow the other day that lasted two days.

Just what we needed to get our butts in gear and finish cleaning up the yard.

Not just cleaning the yard though.  We had piles of lumber and plywood and gazebo parts and more lumber to move around.

We were given a plastic storage shed just for taking it down, so Darryl reassembled that on a bit of a raised platform because the ground where we put it isn’t exactly level.  He’s going to use it for all his tools…one day.  For now, it has some tools and some yard stuff.  Darryl says he’ll get to it in the spring or some time when he has a chance to build some shelves inside it.  But at least the yard is tidy.

Darryl also dug a 6 inch trench from the house to the (other) shed so we could run a cord underground instead of under snow, since the neighbours push snow up into our yard a bit, right where the cord usually goes.  The cord is there to supply power to the chicken coop during the winter.  They get a couple of heat lamps to keep things from freezing and to keep them laying during the winter.

On top of all those projects, the car (we were given an older diesel volvo car about a month ago) had a bit of a fuel leak so Darryl was in the middle of loosening the injection pump to hopefully plug the hole, and replacing the last two glow plugs while he was at it.  The car would be running today if the soft fuel lines weren’t quite as old as the car and deteriorating.  It *should* be a cheap fix since the fuel lines are apparently sold by the foot at Princess Auto.  But even if we do get the car running in the next few days, it needs winter tires and it looks like winter has finally arrived, so we won’t be able to drive it anyway.

So yeah, the other night when snow was in the forecast again, Darryl was working on the car with his halogen lights illuminating the yard like a baseball field, and he wanted my help with getting the cord in the trench.  Ok, fine.  I put Sadie to bed and bundled up and went outside to help.  Darryl had some 1 inch irrigation pipe and a new power cord with one end snipped off so it would fit through the pipe.  I had to cut all the pieces and dry fit them and feed the cord through and finally glue it all together..basically everything but dig the trench.  And backfill the trench.  Darryl did that part too.  Nothing like bending over a thousand times when it’s cold out and your pants slide down cause your baby belly won’t let you button them up and you’re wearing gloves to keep the glue and mud and ice off your hands so you can’t even pull your pants up, and your hair keeps falling in your face cause it won’t stay behind your ear cause you need to get your hair cut (which I did, yesterday).

That was super fun.

Maybe I shouldn’t have opened my big mouth and told Darryl I was Trained on how to glue pipe together when I was in college.

Well now that you’re updated on most of the outside projects we’ve been working on, lets go back to the first two inch snowfall we got.

Sadie has a brand new snowsuit that she hadn’t even tried on yet, so I spent ten minutes getting her bundled up for outside.

Then I thought about how nice it was that she was still in diapers.

After I got bundled up too and grabbed my camera, I helped Sadie hobble down the front steps.

And was very glad again that she was still in diapers.

She wan’t quite sure what to think.


She kinda just stood there and looked, like something wasn’t right.


But I got her to smile for the camera anyway.



Her snowsuit is still a bit big, but that’s okay.  I think it’ll keep her warm.


If she moves around a little.


She wouldn’t walk unless I was holding her hand.  It was really cute.


She totally thought she was going to fall if she took a step.

Then she tried patting it.


I don’t think she’s too keen on her mittens cause they don’t have a thumb.  Not that she knows the difference, but I saw those for sale and figured they would be way easier for me to get on her little hands than a pair with thumbs.

I put a little chunk of snow up to her mouth to taste it, but she pursed her lips together and didn’t move until I took it away.  Hee hee.  She’s going to have fun this winter.  Once she figures out how to walk in the snow.


And I’ll have fun as long as she’s still in diapers.



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