October was a full month for us.  Full of family.  First, Darryl’s Aunt came to visit for a couple of days.  Then my parents came for a month and stayed with us for almost two weeks (with my sister for the rest).  Then Darryl’s mom stayed with us for two weeks.

There were a few days when all the grandparents were in town, so me and Hannah arranged a photoshoot with the grandparents and grandkids.

We were going to take them at a park down by the lake, but Sadie had a fever during the night and I didn’t want to take her anywhere.  My backyard happened to be perfectly picturesque, though it was a tad cool out.  It would have been just as cold by the lake.

We started with pictures of the kids.  This one is Sadie with her cousins Micah and Celise.  Sadie’s holding a stuffed kitty that Grandma Massey gave her.




Sadie didn’t last very long.  She wasn’t feeling great.


So we switched to Hannah with her kids.



Sadie did a little better with Grandma.



Then it was Celise’s turn to get cranky.  But it didn’t ruin this picture with all of us.




Once we were done those pictures, we went back inside to warm up.

Then me and Hannah went back outside to practice our picture-taking skills.  These photos were taken with both our cameras.  Mine is an Olympus E-510 and Hannah’s is a Nikon D90.

I edited these photos on a Mac using iPhoto.  I adjusted the mid tones a bit lighter and increased the contrast and definition.  Then I boosted the colour once and faded the colour once.  I adjusted the saturation on a couple of them.



Four months pregnant!




This is one of my favourites taken with Hannah’s Nikon.




Here’s a random one Hannah took.


Then we were cold again so we went back in the house.

Since we posted a few of these photos on our facebook pages, we’ve both had friends ask us to take photos of them.  Now we’re charging real money to take photos, but not much yet.

I’m going to be taking photos for a couple friends who want to use them for Christmas cards.  That should be fun.  They’ll even come up to my house cause we have snow before anyone else, so I can get snowy photos.  We should have snow by the weekend.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!



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