Plum Picking

I love plums.

Sadie loves plums.

Somebody else doesn’t love plums because they let us pick from their two unwanted trees.


Me and Hannah took our little plum-lovers to help us.


(Yeah, this was at least a month ago.  Better late than never)


Sadie loved crawling around in the dirt and eating mushy plums.


And sitting in mushy plums.


I had to watch her though or she’d eat the whole thing, pit and all.






We split all the plums between us and I spent the next week drying them.  It took three batches in my dryer and I ended up with three quart jars full of dried plums.  Not really a lot considering the time it took to pick them and dry them, but they are sooo good.  And I don’t buy dried fruit very often cause it’s pricey and they usually have chemical preservatives on them that make them squishy instead of chewy…no thanks.  We had fun picking them ourselves for free and it really wasn’t that difficult or time consuming to slice them for the dryer.  I think I would have had four jars but we ate a lot while they were in the process of drying when we thought no one was looking.

And the best part is…I hid the two jars that were still full so they should last a while…if I can forget about them when I get a massive sweet tooth and there’s no chocolate in the house.



Micah was a big help too, as you can see.


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