Me Momma

My mom is always making something.  Out of fabric and/or thread.  Not so much out of food.

I will spare you the details about all the phases she went through, though I can’t get the blue wooden bunnies with floral fabric ears (from when I was in elementary school) out of my head.

This time, she’s making things that people want to buy and her name is becoming known throughout Canada and California.

She makes pictorial quilts.

Not the kind you put on your bed.

More like the kind you hang on the wall instead of a painting.

Like this.


She entered one of her quilts in a show in Canada and she won the Judges Choice award.

Then she entered it in a show down in the States and won First Place!

Easy to see why…


It was from a picture she took at an antique car show and she turned it into a quilt.  It took like a year to make.  Every little tiny spot of colour is a separate piece of fabric.  Pretty amazing.

I think she is entering it into one more show and then it will be retired.  Just kidding…but shows have time limits for when the quilt is made.  Some shows only let you enter a quilt that was made during the year leading up to it.

Mom also started doing classes to teach people how to quilt, and she sells patterns for some of the less complicated ones.

Lately, she’s been cranking out lots of quilts showing landscapes from Prince Edward Island, where she lives right now.




Her new blog is at, if you’d like to see more of her work.

I’m curious to see what complex, time-consuming quilt she’s going to make for future competitions.

Way to go mom!  Have fun with the iPad you’re buying with your winnings!



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