Indian Summer

Mom and Dad are here visiting from PEI for about a month.  Hannah and I are taking turns having them over, and last night was their second night here.  I just have to tell you about our supper last night cause it was too good!

Steak, medium rare

Steamed kohlrabi and carrots (both from the garden) with honey butter and dill

mushroom caps stuffed with mozzarella and goat cheese and fried in butter.

We poured the melted butter/cheese from the pan over our steaks.  Oh yum.

Then dad made a delicious dessert with some of the delicious pears Darryl’s Aunt left us (Thank you Ann!).  He poached them in red wine with lemon zest, cinnamon and vanilla, then made a syrup out of the liquid and poured a little over the pears.  SOOO YUM!  We have syrup left over that we’ll probably use with homemade french toast on sunday.  I can hardly wait.

The last few days have been filled with amazing gourmet food and tonight’s turkey dinner might seem like average fare now.  Not that I’ll mind eating it.  My part is carrots from the garden and brussels sprouts.  I found a recipe for the sprouts that sounds delicious.  Not sure yet what to do with the carrots.  Maybe I’ll make a honey butter to go with them too.

Yesterday was a productive day.  It was gorgeous out so we spent lots of time outside.  Dad insulated the inside of the pumphouse with (free) styrofoam cause it freezes if it stays below 5 degrees for more than a day or two in the winter.


I worked on Banner’s front feet.  I’d left them way too long again and I had to snip off almost 3/4 inch off the hoof walls.


It took me about an hour if you include breaks to rest my out-of-shape legs.  Using the nippers to cut the hoof is the hardest part for me.  I usually get Darryl to do that part.  Or at least the toes.  The heels aren’t quite so hard.  If I can overcome my procrastination vice and stay on top of them (every 3-4 weeks), I will only have to rasp them and it would take me less than an hour to do all 8 hooves!  When I don’t do it enough, I can only manage two feet at a time.  Only Sunny’s two back feet are left, and back feet usually aren’t as hard to do as the fronts.  Maybe I’ll do them on the weekend if it isn’t raining.

In case you’re wondering, horses don’t actually need shoes but most people put shoes on their horses anyway because all the farriers and horse experts say they should.  Shoes actually impede proper hoof functions like shock absorption and blood pumping, creating more stress on limbs and joints.  Shoes also can cause problems in the foot like contracted or underslung heels and underdeveloped soles and frogs.  Banner has been barefoot for several years now.  I had his front feet shod for our first endurance race but he hasn’t had any shoes on since then.  I used hoof boots a couple times on other endurance rides when we were on gravel but he doesn’t need them anymore.  His feet are amazing.  Even when I let them go too long.  The laminae holding the hoof wall to the the coffin bone (inside his foot) is nice a tight all the way to the sole except for a little flaring near the heels.  I learned how to trim his feet through a website called  It’s a trim that mimics a wild horse’s foot in the way that they wear.  There’s also websites showing barefoot performance horses of every discipline smoking the competition because they’re more sure-footed and have better grip barefoot than with shoes and their gaits are nicer too.  Definitely the way to go for me.  My horses will never be shod again.  Sunny’s feet are pretty amazing too and he had shoes on until late last fall.  He’s got nice thick soles.

Sorry for the rabbit trail.  I may write about how I actually do the trimming sometime, just to warn you.  There may be several pictures of horse feet.

Anyway, the whole time I was trimming Banner’s feet, Sunny, who can’t handle being away from his abusive pack leader, paced the fence and whinnied periodically.  Which made it easy to get nice pictures of his head.


Sadie was supposed to be chopping wood the whole time, but it seemed the chainsaw wasn’t feeling up to running.


She spent most of the time trying to get it started.


None of us knew much about the Home Depot brand so we weren’t able to help.


In the end, we recommended she switch to a Stihl.


She gave up and proceeded to squish all the white berries she could pick.


And conceeded to sit on Banner for a few seconds so mom could get a picture.


(All photos in this post were taken by mom)


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