Garden Abundance


Tomatoes.  I might pick them today and let them ripen inside.  It’s supposed to be cooler tonight.

Pumpkin.  My first try.

Dill.  The only flower stalk I got from last year’s supposedly self-seeded bed.

Zucchini.  I let one grow as big as it wanted to.

It weighs 8 pounds.

I also grew this girl from seed.  Probably my best crop ever.

She loves gardening.

I have to show you the massive plant taking over the greenhouse.

Yes, that’s one plant.  It’s a spaghetti squash.  At least, that’s what the label said.  It doesn’t look like a spaghetti squash to me.

It’s even growing up the potted tomatoes on the bench.

I think there’s only one decent sized squash on the whole plant though.  I’m going to have to rip out the plant soon so we can move the greenhouse and attach it to the garden before winter.  Next year I’ll definitely try again!


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