Our 4th

Last year we both forgot our anniversary.


But a few days later, we continued our annual anniversary custom of taking a photo of us in front of our house with our kids and animals.

This was last year’s shot.

Sadie was about 4 months old.  The broiler chickens (like the one Darryl’s holding) weren’t quite ready for eating, and the layers in the foreground were laying up a storm.

We did this year’s shot(s) yesterday while Darryl’s aunt and my mom were here to help wrangle everyone together.

Darryl suddenly handed a turkey to my mom to hold while he got a couple chicks.

We tied a string to its leg so we had a leash and mom didn’t have to carry it around.

Mom took the photos for us this year cause it was way easier than setting the timer and taking three shots and picking the best one.

Here’s a few okay ones.

Watch the white chicken and Sadie’s face.

Hee hee.

This was one of the first ones we took and it’s not a favourite but it has the turkey in it.  And the belly.

I think this one is one of our favourites but it doesn’t have the horses in it.

We had so much fun taking these photos.  We were laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.  At least I was.

Here’s one with the horses.

Our house isn’t very photogenic but to take these with a nicer background would violate the rules of our practice…that of showing our house in the picture.

That’s part of the reason for changing it to black and white.  It takes away all the distracting (and clashing) colours and puts the focus on us instead.

We used to include any vehicles that were currently running, but that would make us all really tiny trying to fit everything in, so we don’t bother with them anymore.  Of course, that will change when I get my big crew cab diesel 4×4.  We’ll fit it in somehow.  Darryl’s current truck isn’t very photogenic either.

These are our other two favourites.

If I actually get around to framing one, I will have a hard time picking one.

Which one do you think would be best framed?

Oh, and we did remember our anniversary this year.


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