Sadie is finally walking around.  We borrowed a little plastic walker thingy so she can push that around the house instead of my kitchen chairs.  She pushed it around all day yesterday and walked half the time that she wasn’t pushing it.

I don’t have any pics of her walking yet though.  This one is of her eating a crab apple while I fed the horses.

She looks quite a bit older in this photo.

In other (unrelated) news, our duck is lost.  The neighbour called and said he was on the road so Darryl went to herd him back, but Ducky decided to fly (muskovies aren’t supposed to be the flying type) halfway down the block and veer into another neighbour’s property.  We got permission to look for him last night but we didn’t find anything.  Guess we’ll have to get another pair and keep them contained.  He’s never gone far from the yard before so we think one of the neighbourhood’s visiting dogs might have chased him toward the road.

Too bad.  We enjoyed watching him think he was a chicken.

There was a chance of frost last night so I covered the tomatoes and picked the zucchini that were ready and the parsley that wasn’t covered, just in case I lost them.  I guess we are having zucchini for supper tonight and I have a bunch of parsley to dry.  There’s lots more parsley in the tomato bed so I think I will have more than enough for two year’s worth of cooking.

Now the weather it shaping up to get warmer again so I’ll give the tomatoes one more chance to ripen before I haul them all out of there green.

I’m almost out of crab apple jelly from last fall, but I didn’t get any done this fall.:(  I’m tempted to crack open the blackberry syrup I made last week and reboil it and add pectin to see if it will set properly.  Why is jelly so hard to make??  I don’t get it.  I follow the recipe and everything.

Maybe I’ll wait till my folks get here in a few days. 🙂


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