Don’t Miss It, Don’t Even Be Late

We went to the fair again on the day when over 51,ooo people were there.  The busiest day out of five.  The only day we could go.

These are the pictures I got.



This is the lake I would live on if waterfront property was even remotely in our price range and I didn’t already have my own ranch with a private lake, which, coincidentally, is also out of our price range unless we move to the prairies.

Hmmm, let me think about that one.

Okay, in case you’re thinking I forgot to post the rest of the pictures of the fair, you’re wrong.

I didn’t get any more pictures.

I know!  Terrible!

Whatever.  It’s my life.

You should have gone to the fair yourself.

They had an Iron Chef competition with local restaurants and catering companies competing.  I watched one where they had to use fennel in every dish, and the two competitors got the highest scores of all the entrants that week and were only decimal points apart.

Sadie loved the animals.  She pet some horses and pigs and sheep.

She didn’t fall asleep for a nap until 6:30pm.

We took the camper so we had a quiet place to sit and eat and rest.  Darryl took a nap even though Sadie didn’t.

We even saw pretty much everything we wanted to and left at 7 when it started raining really hard.  At 7:30, we finally pulled out of the parking lot.  Seemed like everyone decided to leave at the same time we did.  Sadie was asleep before we got onto the road.

We will definitely take the camper everytime we go.  It’s a sanity-saver.  It has a fridge and an oven.  We can make nachos for dinner with real cheese.

I just hope that next time, we can go on a wednesday or thursday when there’s only 18,ooo people there.



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