Little Known Facts

Back when I was in grade 4, my family lived at and managed a resort on a lake.  We lived in a round house that had to be exorcised before we could move in, and we spent the entire summer playing in the water and hanging out with whatever kids happened to be staying at the resort at the time.  There was a family that lived there in their 5th wheel trailer…with 4 kids.  They had a boat and took us out tubing sometimes.  One nice man gave us his canoe.

I still have it.

It needed a bit of an overhaul by the time we moved from the resort to town to the bush and back to town again.  The yoke in the middle was broken and the ends were pretty banged up.

I took it upon myself to sand, re-fiberglass the ends, repaint, replace the edging, and make a new yoke.

And indulge in a little creative expression.


I wanted to christen her “Firewater”, cause it just totally made sense, but my mom wouldn’t let me paint that on the side.

Then I learned how to fly fish and I started driving around town with my canoe strapped to my little Toyota 4X4 pickup, which happened to be a nice, rich blue (except on the rusty patches), so the red and yellow totally stood out, and I always put the flames at the front.

There’s also one little flame on the bottom.  It was my test to make sure my idea looked okay.

I did all that probably 10 years ago at least.

She’s starting to look her age again.  The paint is peeling in some places, the ends are a little chipped, and I think the seats could use some oil.  But she’s still lake-worthy.  And I still like her.

I might have to leave her for the kids to tackle one day.  I’ll probably be pregnant for the next 6 years anyway so I really shouldn’t be using fiberglass and paint in my condition.

I’ll have to take up another hobby.

Like origami.  Except those little papers have a funny smell.  Is that good to breathe in when you’re pregnant?  They’re probably made in China so I guess that one’s out.

I could tat.  But what would I do with doilies?  Nobody uses them anymore.  And I need instant gratification, so I guess that one’s out too.

Maybe I’ll go back to fly fishing.  Oh, but I don’t have a little truck to take me out to the bush and I gave away my (cheap) rod.

I know!  I’ll blog about all the cool stuff I used to do!




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