Second Trip To The Beach This Year!

I know, we don’t get out much.  That’s mostly because I don’t have a vehicle right now.  Not that I would spend a lot of time at the beach if I did, but I probably would have gone a little more often than that.

So yesterday afternoon, after I made some yummy bread, my friend Jackie picked me up and we went to a beach.  The sun hid behind clouds half the time, giving us relief from the heat so the temperature was perfect.  We stood in the water while Sadie played on the shore and Jackie’s 4 year old daughter played on the playground nearby.  We were originally planning to go to a playground in town but at the last minute we decided to go here instead.


I’m so not a beach person, but this was very nice and refreshing.  Not too many people were there either.  Just some ladies in bikinis who shouldn’t wear bikinis.  One of whom was doing her stretches on her beach towel.

No, I don’t have a picture of that.


Sadie somehow managed to sneak her spoon along and used it as a shovel.  She wasn’t too keen in standing in the waves but she loved playing with the rocks.  I showed her how to throw them in the water to make a splash and she tried, but her rocks only made it about 2 inches.  So cute.


Thanks Jackie!



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