My Slightly Green Thumb

Veggies I can grow.  Flowers on the other hand, continue to frustrate me by not growing, or dying shortly after I get them.

My first try at growing flowers from seed was many years ago when I lived in the bush with my family (see History category).  I planted coleus seed in a hanging basket and fashioned a plastic cover for it so it would have its own mini-greenhouse.  I watered it faithfully every day before school and replaced its cover.

Some of the seeds came up but I think they got fried in the sun and never flowered.

I’ve been bitter towards flowers ever since.  Bitter because they won’t grow for me.

Heaven knows I keep trying.

(I’m also bitter towards gourds, but that’s another story)

Well, this year I planted a whole bunch of old flower seeds my grandma had collected just to see what would happen.  Nada.  Nothing came up.

Surprise, surprise.

My very forgiving husband bought me some potted flowers this spring, and I’ve managed to keep them alive all summer!

So what if they’re the easiest kinds to keep alive.


And Pansy.

So I have some colour around my house and garden this summer.  (Thanks for believing in me, honey!)

While moping and berating myself for my lack of flower-growing skills, I found a whole bunch of flowers that I grew from seed right in my garden already!  Who knew?  Veggies have flowers!

See if you can guess what plants they’re from.


Okay, the last one isn’t from a vegetable.  It was given to me by some friends (Thanks Shirley!).

So did you figure them all out?

I actually grow lots of flowers, just mostly white or yellow ones.  But you can eat what grows after them, so that’s a bonus.

I’m not sure yet if I will give up trying to grow normal flowers.  My newfound success at growing flowers from seed, even if they’re vegetables, may have just whetted my appetite to try some again next year.

Any recommendations??

I tried sweet peas, but hardly any came up and none of them survived, even though they’re in the same soil as all my veggies and get the same care!  Argghhh!


A Frustrated Flower Fan


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