New Stuff

I love my porch.  It has glass walls and french doors to keep babies in.  And chickens out.


Next summer it will come in handy for keeping baby number 2 contained.


Yup, we’re gettin’ another one!

Should be arriving round about the end of march or the beginning of april.  Just hopefully not april first or you’d think I was foolin’ you with a phony birth announcement.


So far, I’m doing well.  A little tired (ok, I could take several naps a day but I don’t), but no morning sickness, just like the last pregnancy.  I have my first midwife appointment in a few days.

I keep meaning to show you what I scored for free a few weeks ago.  I was the first caller!  Yayy!


A spring horse for our little cowgirl!


She was tickled pink! (that’s for you, dad).


I remember logging many miles on my trusty spring horse, Muskie.  Then Hannah came along and jumped him across the room.


We had to replace her first cowgirl hat cause her head is huge and she outgrew it already.   It was time for one with a whistle anyway.


She figured out how to blow it after a few days.

Anywho, before I go, I’ll give you a little Sadie update too.

Today, she got the “more” sign figured out and started to say the word!  Up to yesterday she would clap her hands together when she wanted more.  She spent 20 minutes today playing with her stacking wooden rings, and got them all on except the top round ball.  She’s trying to communicate what she wants but she doesn’t know signs for everything and makes them up.  She signs phrases like “more milk please”.  I taught her “please” a couple weeks ago and she uses it all the time cause it works so well!  Now I’m teaching her “thank you”.  She woke up for her feeding last night and went back to sleep before I even got out of bed!  She didn’t have milk until after her first nap today.  I think she might be weaning herself.  She only ate twice all day and only a little bit before bed.  Maybe she’ll skip tonight’s feeding too.

I’m okay with her weaning.  I’d rather she did than try to force her to quit when she’s not ready.  I do have a limit though…I didn’t really want to be nursing while 8 months pregnant.

Well, I’d better go feed the horsey’s (can you tell who I talk to all day?) before it gets dark out.  Darryl’s doing sound at the church tonight.  I’ve hardly seen him this week cause he’s been painting at a friend’s house after work for the last two nights.  I miss him.  Tomorrow he’s home and I’m hiding his keys.


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