Dust, Flies and Beavers

So if you’re one of the 4 people who read my blog, you’ll remember from the last post that I was going to tell you all about our camping trip on the weekend.


It was fun.


Turns out, we changed locations at the last minute because the flies were so bad on the land we were going to be on that the first guys to get there to set up only lasted about 10 minutes before they packed up.  We were given directions to a lake instead.


When we got to the site we had directions for, it wasn’t exactly what we pictured.  It was more or less a gravel pit beside the lake, and the two little beaches where you could see the lake were taken up by large, white RV’s and quads.  Once a few more people arrived, we took off on the road around the lake to find a nicer spot.  And boy did we ever.

It was on its own little peninsula with its own road to get there, and it was big enough for all of us and our vehicles, with lots of room on a lower level by the lake for the firepit.  We started setting up right away since it was Sadie’s bedtime.


Our tent was dubbed “the hotel”.  Maybe cause everyone else preferred half-sized 2-person models?

Can I help it if I have a tent twice the size of theirs?  (10′ x 19′ isn’t so big)

That I can stand up in?

With a screened in vestibule at the front?

With room for the double-height air mattress?

And the playpen?

Is that unreasonable?

I, for one, don’t think so.

I like being able to put my gear beside the bed instead of on it.

And I like being able to change my pants without pulling a muscle.

And I like not waking up with the side of the tent plastered to my cheek.

And the playpen fit with room to spare!  What’s not to like?

(There was also room for a chair, but don’t ask me why there was a chair in there…I don’t know. But it was nice that there was room for one!)

We put Sadie to bed and heated up our (homemade) minestrone soup (Soooo yummy!), then stayed up way too late around the fire chit chatting.

The next morning, I woke up fairly early and didn’t feel like staying in bed even though the rest of camp was still asleep.  I snuck out and found my camera to keep me occupied.

I got these photos.





I started reading a Louis L’Amour book I’d brought, and then a few people began trickling out of their tents.

Once it was safe to make noise, Darryl and I set up our screened-in gazebo amid more ‘you’ve-got-to-be-kidding’ looks (and comments).  The portable kitchen was handy too.


The folding table and some chairs went in.


And someone called it the Taj Mahal.


But after a morning of sitting around the cold fire in the sun and swatting flies away every 5 seconds (it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first location though!), the extra chairs we had in the gazebo filled up and I spent the afternoon winning Dutch Blitz and Dominoes and being called a cheater since I was also keeping score but I actually didn’t cheat at all and I offered to let someone else keep score but no one volunteered.  It got hot in there cause the screen actually cut the breeze down a lot but it was usually better than the alternative…sitting in the hot sun swatting at flies.

In the end, everyone was glad we brought the gazebo.

Even though we had plenty of fun outside…

…soaking up the sun…




…watching who-knows-what…


That little speck is a beaver.


And that little speck is Montana with a stick in his mouth.


Sadie was great.  She went wading in the lake…like two inches.  Then she spent the entire afternoon playing in her playpen in the gazebo and down by the firepit.


And dropping her toys in the dust.


Or maybe it was flirting??


And last but not least, we broke camp and headed home on sunday afternoon.

I’ll leave you with my pathetic attempt at a picture of the full moon (just in case it’s not self-explanatory).


Ok, one more.

The beaver dam.




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