Which One Are You?

We’re going camping this weekend!  The truck isn’t set up for the camper yet, which is just fine cause we have a big, beautiful tent that we can stand up in with room for our double-height air mattress and the playpen (I think).


We also have a screened gazebo for bug-free cooking and eating, and a folding table and folding kitchen (sans sink).  We coerced some friends to look after the animals and the garden for us so we could take off.


I just finished making a delicious potato salad.  I got the recipe from Quality Greens after I tasted a sample.  It ha garlic scapes in it.  I don’t know what they are, but they smell like garlic.


We’re going camping on some private land with a few of the young adults from our church.  There’s a meadow and a beaver pond, so I’m told.  But no outhouse, so I will take it upon myself to rig one up.


We took Sadie camping once last year when she was just 2 or 3 months old.  She slept outside in her portable bassinet all day, only waking up to eat.  Kinda nice (except we were camped in a subdivision and the neighbours ran their generator all day, so doubt to keep the air conditioning on in their RV).  This trip will most likely be quite a bit different.  Maybe she’ll get tired of crawling around in the dirt and start walking.


I’m definitely a make-your-own-camp-in-the-bush person.  I also like the camp-by-the-lake-with-the-outhouses-as-long-as-there’s-no-one-else-there.  I’m not a camp-in-the-provincial-campground-with-paved-roads-and-showers-and-flushing-toilets-and-rv’s-with-satellite-dishes.  I’d rather park the camper on the side of a dirt road somewhere.  But the tent is roomier.


I will tell you all about it when we get back.

Have a great weekend!

PS.  I got that chair for $2 at the thrift store!  I’m looking for sparkley red vinyl to recover it.  There’s none in this town!



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