Warning: Excessive Sadie Pics!

On our little road trip the other day (see previous post), we stopped on the way home cause Sadie was getting grouchy from being strapped into a carseat for so long, and it was past her dinner time.  We found ourselves at a little rest area next to the river, so we made Sadie walk for a while.


Yup, those are her new cowgirl boots.


When we got to the rocks, she thought it was pretty funny how awkward it was to walk over them and she started giggling.



Then she found the dirt.


She loves dirt.

She was in my garden with me the other day cause I had to harvest some of the cilantro before it bolted and she was entertaining herself by grabbing handfuls of dirt out of the beds and dropping them on the paths.  Needless to say, I got that job done fast!


She also loves rocks, and sticks, and pinecones.

And hitting them together.

And tasting them.


This picture is on our desktop right now.



It was about time we had a decent picture of the three of us, so I set the timer and got in there.  We only took one like this and it worked out pretty good.


Then we made Sadie walk back to the truck so she’d be happy for the rest and be quiet.  Haha.

(Note the stick in each hand)


It sorta worked.  I gave her my apple core and that kept her busy.

Which reminds me, I need to wash her car seat cover.


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