Road Trip!

Darryl said, “Let’s go for a drive”.

I said, “Sounds like fun!”

So we spent a perfectly good afternoon –when we could have been trimming bushes in the pasture and getting the Big Box ready for the chicks and finishing the fence– driving for the simple purpose of driving.

We headed south.


After driving for a while through gorgeous country with vineyards and orchards of various kinds and past 5000 fruit stands advertising “Cherry for Sale”, we came to the fun part.

Climbing a steep and very windy road that overlooks the town we just drove through.


Doesn’t look much like a desert now but it is.

See that road down there that does the U-turn?  That’s where we came up.


Once we’re at the top of that hill, it turns into the most gorgeous farm and ranch-land ever, and of course I was admiring this beautiful old barn surrounded by clumps of aspen and meadows as we drove by, then suddenly remembered I could have taken a picture!  Sheesh.

So I took a picture of the next building we passed.


Not quite as picturesque but still purty.

I love the rolling hills and aspens and pine forests.

See that sunny patch up ahead?  I want to live there when I grow up.


Once we came back down the other side of this mountain, we drove through farms by the river and forest until we got back to town.  We saw a bear, a handful of deer, and two moose on that trip.  We also stopped at a little rest area by the river and got some nice pics, but I’ll sow you those in another post.

I have lots of other stuff to show you too, like…oh nevermind.  You’ll see eventually.


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