Ahoy, Birthday Boy!

If you ever have the desire and the sanity (or insanity) to put together a pirate birthday party, this is how you do it.

First, invite at least 20 kids to the party and when they get there, paint their faces with beards and scars and have accessories available for them to dress up like pirates.

This one happens to be the birthday boy.  He obviously had a great time.


Then have all the pirates make telescopes and hooks, pre-painted black ahead of time, of course.  Like the one this pirate has.  (the telescopes are made from toilet paper tubes)


Hand out special, customized water bottles with space for pirate’s names, which you drew and coloured by hand ahead of time.


Don’t forget to point out how you transformed the entire main floor to reflect the pirate theme.


Now make sure all the kids are gathered together when Cap’n Jack Sparrow arrives to take the kids on a treasure hunt in your backyard.


Don’t forget to make some treasure maps ahead of time for the pirates to follow.


And make sure the treasure maps lead to the treasure chest you buried in the yard ahead of time.


Once the kids have dug it out, get some bigger pirates to haul the booty back so the birthday boy can open it with a special key from Jack Sparrow.


And of course, the treasure chest contains pirate hats for all the kids that you made ahead of time.


Now line everyone up for a group shot by the playset, which you single-handedly assembled by yourself…ahead of time.


Now it’s time for cake!  Which, of course, you made from scratch ahead of time.


With a pirate theme, of course.


And you made the pirate ship out of a giant chunk of rice crispy square and iced it with fondant.

(Yes, the whole thing is edible…and very tasty)

Once the pirates are loaded up with sugar, send them outside to open gifts or play or whatever.  Here’s some random shots.

Land Ahoy!


Aaarrrghh!  Me plunder!


Not sure why she’s sporting a beard…


Pirates like to tease little children.


The evil eye keeps naughty children in line.


Just don’t give them any rum.


These are the kinds of parties my friend Tami throws.  Which is why I try to attend each and every one.

Even if it’s just as a photographer.  And even though it makes me feel slightly inadequate.

Her yummy cakes make up for it.

And I get a chance to take a picture of Sadie with Cap’n Jack.


The poor girl doesn’t realize the significance of that event.



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