Good Things Growing

I love having a greenhouse.

One day I’m going to have a heated and lit greenhouse so I can grow stuff all year round.

I grew lots of plants from seed this year because it was cheaper than buying bedding plants and there’s more variety.  These are my lovely tomato plants, both hybrid and heirloom varieties of Roma and Beefsteak.

In the front there’s also a zucchini, pumpkin, cucumbers, peppers and habanero peppers.

Today I added 11 eggplant that were started in an egg carton lid and separated into 4 inch pots.

The Chamomile roots were growing through the bottom of the flat, so one tray of them relocated to the dill tire that has no dill.  It didn’t self-seed like it was supposed to.

The cantaloupe needs to move to larger pots soon.

Parsley is looking good.

I planted this Walmart squash on the floor of the greenhouse, which happens to be where the broilers were housed for a while last year, so this plant is loving the nutrients.

The geraniums are still in here too, mostly cause I don’t want them to get et by chickens or dug up by Sadie.  That leaves the fenced garden and there’s lots going on there already, so I haven’t moved them yet.

An old fruit bucket with a hook on the handle works great for a hanging basket for pansies.  They help add some pretty colour to the greenhouse and make it a very pleasant place to tinker when it’s raining.

Ahh, the basil…

I broke down and bought a basil plant from Quality Greens and subsequently almost drowned it in affection over the next week.  After moving it to the greenhouse, some of the stems perked up a bit and I’ve since moved the survivors to a couple different pots.  They’re hanging in there.

More parsley.  I want lots to dry.  I use it all the thyme, I mean, time.

The oriental stir fry mix planted beside it never came up, so maybe I’ll use the space to thin the parsley out and fill the container.

That is the greenhouse tour as it is right now.

Come back in a month and it’ll be quite a bit different.

And shorter.


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