This Year’s Garden

My garden is starting to look like one.

These sad looking plants (spinach) are only sad because I had just finished separating them and moving some around.  That’s why they’re a little wilted.  I can assure you, they are looking perky again.

In a few weeks I’ll show you this bed again cause maybe by then you’ll be able to see the pattern me and mom designed.

I planted half a bed to corn.  I got three that came up.

They still look like this (pictures taken on friday…I think).

The pathetic corn is ruining my plans to use the stalks as a trellis for beans…again.  I tried this last year too.  I may just have to plant the beans anyway and forget the corn.

I need to plant the beans anyway and forget the corn.

These are my Walmart Zucchini plants.  I have an heirloom zuke in the greenhouse waiting till it’s a bit bigger.

Count your blessings if you don’t live near me!

With my success rate, I need redundancy.

I planted two Walmart pumpkins in tires and I’ll train them along the fence to save space.

There’s also an heirloom sugar pumpkin in the greenhouse, and when it’s ready, I will plant it in the compost pile.

My extra seed potatoes went in there and look how well they’re doing!

Even better than the ones in tires that get watered and babied!

(Personally, I like the whitewalls up…what about you?)

My strawberries are very sad this year…it’s like they didn’t all survive the winter under the mulch.  Not that they were any good before.  The berry they made last year was eaten the day I went to pick it.  Maybe the birds will get a berry this year too.

The spinach and kale had to come out of the greenhouse because the spinach started to bolt and go to seed and the kale was looking a little leggy.  It’s doing better now in the shade.

Last year I planted onion sets where the zucchini is this year, and I must have missed a couple at harvest cause they’re back and they look great.  This one’s going to seed soon so I’ll let it and see what happens if I plant the seeds.

This year the onion sets were planted at the other end of the bed, and they’re doing well.  I love having fresh green onions whenever I want them.

Mmmm…cilantro.  I planted it in several places cause it looks pretty and tastes great and I want to dry some.

My wispy carrots are still barely visible above the dirt/manure/straw.  Looks pretty coarse when you’re that close to it.  I’m not sure why but the surface gets a bit of a crust on it, even though it totally disappears when it’s wet and the soil underneath is very nice (compared to last year) and crumbly.

I planted a row of peas down one whole side of a bed, and now they’re licking at the bottom of my trellis and growing fast now that we can see the sun once it a while.  The rest of that bed contains patches of beets and kohlrabi and cilantro and chives (still wispy little hairs).

That is the way my garden grows these days.  In my next post I will show you all my babies in the greenhouse.


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