A Gift For Darryl

A couple of weeks ago I asked Darryl what he wanted for his birthday.  Not that I was going to get it for him…I was just trying to get a general idea of what he wanted.

He asked for a metric socket set for his truck.  There was one or two other things but I forget what they were.

He’s so lucky to have such an attentive wife.

So a week of plotting later, a bunch of his close guy-friends were waiting for him when we got home with a campfire going.  They had all pitched in to buy him a really nice, really expensive impact socket set.  There was enough money left over after getting the set for a great price that he also got a hefty gift card to Canadian Tire.

Darryl was blown away.

Especially since he had received his gift from me that morning and it was the furthest thing from tools.

I had put The Box on his seat in the truck before we left for church, so when he saw it and opened it, he found…


Yes, real live baby ducks.

It took him a couple minutes to process and get over the fact that it wasn’t tools (that he didn’t know he was getting later that evening), which was quite amusing for me to watch.  But once he got over the shock, he liked the ducks.

I think they’re pretty cute, myself.


I found these two Muscovy ducks online and secretly arranged to pick them up a few days before.  My neighbour looked after them for a few days.

Darryl named them Bonnie and Clyde, though we won’t know what genders they are until they’re grown up.  We’re guessing that the darker one is a boy and the yellow one is a girl, based on their physical builds.  It’s a 33% chance that we got one of each, so hopefully we did, and then they can make some more babies!

They’ve been living in a box since we got them and I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of the perfect pen for them that’s not too big and not to small and one where they can spend some time on the grass during the day.  Today I finally thought of it.  I’ve had a rabbit cage sitting around not being used so I stuck them in there this afternoon and they’ve been having a great time.

Then I found the perfect container to serve as a temporary pond…


A discarded paint tray.  It even has a shallow end.


They took to it like ducks to water.


Har har.


Too bad they won’t always be this cute.


This is an adult Muscovy in Florida.

Yeah, Darryl saw one at the fair last fall and thought they looked cool.  Now he’s got a pair.

I don’t think they will be this ugly when they grow up though…this one is feral.

Apparently, Muscovies are personable and intelligent.  So far, ours are scared of us and very fast.  Should be a fun experience.  I’ll keep you posted.


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