Chef In The Making

Here are a few pictures of Sadie playing with her birthday gifts.


My mom got her a set of dishes, and she loves to stir things and pretends to eat her creations.  It’s so cute!  Mom made the apron and a Sadie-sized oven mitt while she was here, and made me some more crocheted dish cloths (or were they knit???).  She also made two coasters which became Sadie-sized dishcloths.


The dress she’s wearing was made by my friend’s mom, who is a seamstress, or used to be.  The farm set was a birthday gift, and so was the baby doll hiding behind her collar.

She doesn’t mind having hankies on her head, and sometimes she tries to put ribbons or shirts or any scrap of fabric on her head like a hat.  We just tell her it looks pretty.


I’m not really sure what she’s doing in this photo, but it’s a cute action shot.  She’s got a plastic knife in her hand.  Maybe she’s going to try eating slices of mango off a knife like mommy does.

The bumps on her forehead are from mosquitoes.  A few more and she’ll be immune!



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