A Perfect Day

On Monday, Hannah called and asked if I wanted to go to the park, so even though I had plenty of housework to do and bread to make and blog posts to catch up on, I thought, “what the heck, lets go.”

She picked me up and we met another friend at a nice park by the lake.


Sadie had a great time playing in the pea gravel in her little white sundress.


I glued the soother to her face so she couldn’t put anything yuck in her mouth if I turned my back for 2 seconds.


She’s put plenty of yucky things in her mouth already.

She takes after her daddy that way.


She also has his toes.


And many other things that aren’t me.


I wonder if she’s really my daughter sometimes.

Then I look in the mirror and see my sticky-outie ear that Sadie inherited from me, and I stop wondering if the midwives switched my baby somehow.

I’m glad I contributed something to her genes.

I hope she didn’t get my alien neck muscles.


Or my distrust of water.

She did love the swing again though.  She always loves the swing.


This is Caden.  He is betrothed to Sadie.


This is Sadie’s cousin Micah.  He’s two years old.


He likes to run away.



Hannah takes pictures of him running away until he’s about to fall in the lake, then she goes and fetches him back.


The end.



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