Silly Horsey, Sick Baby

Banner is such a goof.  I’ve never met a horse with such a personality…unless you count ponies, but they usually have personalities you wish they didn’t.  Banner isn’t a pony so he has a good personality.

He’s also very egotistical.  Here he is checking out his reflection in the window of my sister’s van.


Handsome check!


It’s a good thing he doesn’t know what being a stud is cause he’s way too in love with himself.

My sister might need a new van.

She really should know better…bringing a shiny red van up to the farm.  The horses blow hay boogers all over it and the chickens like to use it as a nest box.


This is what happens to city vans when they’re on the farm.  The doors should never be left open.  We got her out before she laid an egg or any other round objects.


Chickens are far too opportunistic to be leaving van doors open.  It’s a good thing Banner didn’t see the open door.

That being said, I definitely appreciate being able to borrow said van once in a while!  Thanks Hannah!

(And it wasn’t me who left the door open…it was mom!  I know better, hee hee)

So anywho, what I really meant to say when I started this post was that Sadie was sick for the first time this week.  She made it a year and a week without being sick, but the first time I stick her in the nursery at church, she brings home the flu.  Yay.

She had a fever by sunday afternoon and threw up everything she ate.  She slept really well the first night but was still feverish by the next afternoon, when she threw up again.  Her temp was going up to 104 by then so we gave her baths to cool her off, but by tuesday afternoon, it was hard to keep it below 102.

We finally succumbed and gave her baby tylenol, mostly because I didn’t know it was okay for them to have a high fever.  Everything I read said that high fevers can cause convulsions, but now I know that it only happens if their blood sugar drops from being dehydrated.  I could have kept her blood sugar up and let her body do it’s thing, and next time be able to fight it better.  Live and learn.

Hey, it was the first time she was sick, and that was a new experience for me!  And it sucked too except for how cuddly she was.  I loved that part!

We did also take her to the doc (I know…first time, okay!) and her throat was pretty red so he took a swab for strep…haven’t got the results back but I’m pretty confident that it’s not.  When we brought her home I gave her warm water with honey in it and she perked up right away.  After a nap she was crawling around and getting into stuff again!

She’s still got a gravelly voice and she’s been really fussy, which wasn’t fun cause yesterday I was in town with Hannah (getting Darryl’s birthday gift…shhh.  I’ll tell you what it is later) and today I was helping decorate for a wedding (my contribution was coming up with the chosen fold for the napkins).  She threw up this morning too.  But she slept pretty good last night.  We even took her to our home group last night.

Tomorrow I have to make a cake for Darryl’s birthday (13th) and go to the wedding, which means I have to look after a (hopefully not so) fussy baby while wearing a skirt!  Heavens!  That should be challenging.

Don’t blame me if I don’t get any pictures!



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