Before & After

I love before & after shots.  In fact, one of my favourite blogs is called Better After, and it compiles projects from all over the internet and shows just the before and after shots, with a link so you can check out the whole process if you really want to.  It’s inspiring to see what other people have done, and it’s also fun to laugh at some of the really really really bad makeovers some people do.

Anyway, I got some nifty aqua glass containers (for free) and thought they would be perfect in my bathroom, which still had no identity after almost two years of living here.  I don’t know why I thought they would be perfect in my bathroom, but that’s where they reside now.

Well, I couldn’t just leave it at that and let the poor room wallow in insecurity for another few months, so I went on my other favourite website Polyvore and did a design board so I could see what was still missing (click on the Polyvore link to see my design board).

My design has a white shelf.  So naturally I have to get one.  I found a not-white shelf at the VV Boutique that had a shape I could live with, so I bought it for $2.


It used to belong in a kitchen (I think), and I’m pretty sure it was hung with the bigger shelf at the bottom.  I’m going to switch it around and add cup hook to the underside of the smaller shelf to hang necklaces.

After I paint it white, of course.


I love spray paint.

I think some beadboard on the back would finish it off perfectly, so it’s still not up yet, but it almost resembles the shelf in my design board, don’t you think?


Carrying on, I had the spray paint out so I might as well paint something else too, right?

Like this.


I know, it looks just fine the way it is, but it never really fit anywhere in my house, so it was time for a change.


This is where you can say, “it looked better before”, but if it’s not working for you, why keep it that way?  I didn’t plan to leave it this way though.  Just the other day I got around to brushing some dark stain over the whole thing and rubbing off the surfaces the rag could get at.  Now you can see the details, but the stain actually took some of the paint off and has a purpley/pinky cast.  But it still looks cool so maybe I’ll give it away.  I’d show you a picture but the camera’s in the bedroom and Sadie’s sleeping.  Too bad for you!

Here’s another before and after that will make up for the last one.


I believe this frame is from Ikea.  It was about an inch deep, as in, an inch between the picture and the glass.  The whole frame is about 3 feet long.

I took it all apart, except the glass was held in with wood trim in the back so I covered one side with sticky notes and newspaper (I couldn’t find the painter’s tape) and I left the other side.  After spray painting the frame black, I had to scrape off one side of the glass with a blade (it works, but it’s messy and annoying, but not as annoying as pulling the glass out or running to the store to buy tape).

I happened to have some thick, white plastic that I cut to fit the back and I turned it into a sign for my newest niece, Celise, for her baby shower.


I drew out the font using (free font downloads!) for inspiration and cut out the letters from scrapbooking paper.  I cut out the butterflies and put clear glitter on them.  The flowers were from the dollar store.

The colours tied in perfectly with the shower decor and with her bedroom.

I hope to show you more before and after photos as I get things done, but with the rainy weather we’ve been having for the last two months, it’s hard to get any painting done when it happen to be nice.  Mostly cause painting is way down on the list of things to do when it’s nice out.  My garden gets most of the attention right now.  I will try to update you on that fiasco when I can.



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