Zig Zags and Yogurt

My garden looked like this last week.  The bark mulch was new…well, it was new to me.  We shovelled it out of a lady’s yard for free and Steph spread it for me.

The only things growing in there are a patch of onions planted as sets.

Can you see them??  They’re kinda small still.

Steph and I planted another bed with peas, beets, kohlrabi, chives and cilantro.  They weren’t up yet when these pics were taken.

My greenhouse is doing well though.  Egg carton lids and odd kitchen accessories work great for seedling trays.

Tomatoes love the greenhouse.  This pic shows the heirloom tomatoes.

These ones are hybrids.  All together there’s about 60 tomato plants up.

One watermelon came up.  I tried planting some last year and nothing came up, so I’m happy to get any.

And one brave zucchini.

First time growing spinach.  An heirloom variety.

I also planted an oriental stir fry mix, parsley, chamomile, pumpkins, squash, two varieties of gourds, kale, cucumbers, habaneros, sweet red peppers and green peppers in the greenhouse.

Then we had a cold night.  Think above zero and below 7.

I lost half the tomatoes, the zucchini, pumpkins and cukes.

Now there’s a heater out there.

Mom took pity on my sad gardening abilities and bought me some bedding plants to replace the ones that died and some seeds I hadn’t got yet, like beans, carrots, lettuce and some weird vegetable called watermelon radish that has a white outer layer with deep pink insides.  We planted part of a bed in a miniature formal garden layout.  Hopefully the pattern will show up.  There’s a zig zag pattern in another bed.

What does this cut up yoghurt container have to do with this post??

(good yoghurt, by the way. Try it!)

I needed something to use for plant labels, and these were free.

Cut the strips off the container at the bottom and cut into a point.  Stick them in a recycled container with a sharpie and you’ll always have them handy!  One container makes 16-19 strips, depending on the width you cut them at.


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