Happy Mother’s Day…Rap

At this time last year, I was about ready to explode and every week at church at least two people would come up and exclaim, “You’re still pregnant!?!”

Yes, I was still pregnant.

I was still pregnant until the end of May.

Sadie was due on the 12th.

Anyway, they gave me the customary Mother’s Day flower anyway since I was almost a mother, but I didn’t feel like one yet.  I felt like a giant whale waddling around trying to keep my belly covered with my extra-long shirts.

This year was much nicer.

I got 3 chocolate-dipped strawberries.  Anything with chocolate is good in my book.

I didn’t share either.

I’m sure you’re wondering where the “rap” part of this post is…well let me give you a brief introduction.

There’s a single guy in our church named Ian who was homeschooled…

…Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  He doesn’t seem to care what people think of him, which is a good thing.  He comes up with the funniest stuff.

Like at Holly’s wedding (see previous post) last night…he was one of the MC’s, and when the dancing started, the other MC said there was a special guest who needed a dancing partner.

Ian’s grandmother!  He came out in the zaniest costume that made him look like he was a little kid in a sling on his “grandmother’s” back.  His grandmother was an inflatable doll with a wig and a dress on.

Hilarious…you had to be there.

All that to say, he made a rap for the mothers and played it in church, and it also happens to be on YouTube.

Here you go…enjoy!



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