Ahhh, Spring

Hello reader.

Sorry it’s been so long since I updated you.  My life has been very full for the last couple of weeks.

I can hardly believe my little baby girl is going to be a year old in three weeks!  Where did the time go?  Actually, I’m glad she’s growing up so fast.  I’d be happy to skip right to when she’s two, or at least old enough to do some chores, but then I’d probably have another baby by then too, so I’ll just stay here, thank you.

This is my friend Holly.  I give her riding lessons.


And she gives me piano lessons.

I think it’s a great trade.  I get to go riding too!

Holly is getting married tomorrow.

She asked me to be in charge of decorating the church for the ceremony.  And of course, I thought, “Sure!”.  Then later I was like, “uh oh”.

I’ve never decorated a church before.

It started off looking like this…


A little cluttered perhaps…and pink and blue.


But she’s using pink and blue in her flowers so that’s okay.

After 5 hours of decorating and delegating and feeding Sadie raisins in her stroller then carrying her around on my back, then feeding her and putting her to sleep…

…and cutting little pieces of packing tape and draping tulle and lights…

…it looks like this.




I really can’t take credit for the aisle.


The river rocks were Holly’s idea and she made the flower arrangements for the ends of the pews.


She did a great job.  Her bridesmaids put the tulle up on the aisle.  We must have used 100 yards of tulle just for the ceremony.  They used more at the reception, but I haven’t seen it yet.  I’m not even a big tulle fan, but Holly had a ton of it and liked the idea I came up with, so we went with it.


It turned out pretty dreamy.  Holly likes it, and that’s all that really matters anyway.

Holly bought the runner as an afterthought and got it on sale too!   The candles are battery-operated.


I think she might have spent $200 on decorating.

If you think that’s amazing, that budget was split between the church and the reception at a different location!  She got the tulle, lights, rocks, bins full of fake flowers, and much more on lend from a couple of sources.  It’s great going to a church where there’s always people getting married!  This summer there are four weddings, all two weeks apart.

This is just a pile of fake flowers…we needed something for this table.


More fakes.


Trimming the aisle runner…


So that was my day yesterday.  I hope it all holds together until tomorrow!


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