The Big Picture


I was about to give up showing you what I just wasted half my day doing, when I right clicked again, and hit paste, and voila!  It appeared!

(Amendment: Then I had to re-save it and send it all over the place because when I posted this the first time, the picture didn’t show up)


This is my design board for my living room.

It looks way nicer than my living room.

But it gives you the overall feeling that I want for my living room.

I found this really fun website where you can make these pretty easily (find furniture in the search bar.  Yes, you can do outfits too, but that is not my calling).  It’s so much fun that I did three rooms for other people this morning too!  One of the rooms I did is actually almost finished in real life, but I thought I’d do a design board for it anyway just for giggles.  And to track my progress as an amateur interior designer.

The site doesn’t have every kind of furniture that you could possibly want, especially in the antique or lamp departments, but there are similar pieces that still give you the overall impression or feeling of a room.  Like in my living room above, I don’t yet own a couch, but I really like that one, and while my tv is grey, it’s on an antique radio cabinet, but they didn’t have one of those on there.  It’s not so much about getting the exact pieces of furniture so much as getting the feel of the room.  The warmth, character, colours, etc.

I also wanted to share with you this article about decorating that puts into words something I think about from time to time when I’m helping someone redecorate their rooms in our heads (ie. talking about what it could look like or pointing out things that would look good in the room).  Sometimes people find it hard to see the overall impression of a room we’re looking at if it’s not done in their style or it has a colour in it they would never use.  They see one thing in the room they hate and write the whole thing off instead of looking at how all the combined elements create a pleasant atmosphere, or at least appreciating a well-put-together room even if it’s not at all their style.

It’s all about the big picture.

Just don’t leave out the black.



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