Work Bee

You know how, back in the day, neighbours used to help each other??  They all gathered at someone’s house and got some work done.  They also had a lot of fun and ate a lot of food.

That’s what we attempted to do last Saturday.

I think it’s a good way to do things.

We got lots of work done.  (Nobody told this guy he would be using a chainsaw but the shirt seems to fit somehow)


We had a lot of fun.



We ate a lot of food.


There was roast chicken (that we raised last year), bear sausage (that Darcy shot), baked potatoes, non-GMO corn, green salad (I might post the recipe later…it’s good), bean salad, pickled beets, and way too many desserts.


This was the list.


Not all of it was really hard work.


I’d say the last four things on the list got done really well.   Maybe cause everybody did them.

These people were the first to show up.


I’d never seen them before in my life.


I thought they were here to look at the 4-Runner we have for sale (still).

Darryl invited them up when he ran into Jason at men’s group that morning.  His girlfriend spent hours…okay maybe not HOURS…brushing the horses.  They loved it.

Darren did an amazing job levelling my patio area and (re)building my rock wall.


See why I need a chicken fence around here?  They’re already scoping it out for tender little plants to devour.


This massive willow bush came down.  It was shading a lot of grass and blocking my view to the horse pen.


My greenhouse started going up.


It’s a little skewed so Darryl’s going to level it and get it all nice and flat before we put plastic on it.


We rented this.


It does a great job of cutting down the scrub in the pasture.  It was my tool of choice that day.  I managed to get most of the bushes in the pasture cut down in about 2.5 hours.  I would have done more but my body wouldn’t let me.  It has been about three years since I did landscaping so even though it all came back quickly, I couldn’t do it for as long as I used to.

It’s kind of hard to tell, but there are a couple of clumps of bushes cut down in the middle, and you can see other clumps that are still standing at the top left.


I had fun cutting bushes down.

Even when it rained in the afternoon.


This kept my head dry.


The rest of me was soaked, but it felt nice at the same time.

I know I’m wierd.

Here’s another friend who came to help.


He watched Sadie so I could use the brush cutter.  Thanks Joe!

Joe’s little boy came to help too but spent most of the time sleeping.  His shirt says “The forest is my home”.


While it was raining and I was cutting brush, Darryl was using his truck to haul the willow branches out of the pasture.



Then the horses thought it would be fun to roll in the mud.



How’s that for gratitude?

Well, other than the horses, we are very grateful for all the help our friends gave us getting our projects going and spending the day with us.  We would be happy to return the favour!


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